Dear jazz, I’ve missed you.

I had a good few months break from doing any jazz gigs, but last night I covered for someone who had to drop out at the last minute. It was lovely to get out and have a good old sing again. I had so much fun! I love singing jazz songs. I love the freedom to play with melody, rhythm and the sound of my voice. I love that it doesn’t have to sound to perfect and nice. I love the surprises that come along from the other musicians, in how they choose to interpret and express the music. The thing I find difficult is finding the balance with gigging and other things I do. I enjoy having some structure in my life, so my part time job and the choirs that I lead give me that. In a way it would be nice to be able to make enough money to survive from music alone, but finding enough work that pays well enough has always proved difficult for me. It’s a fine balance between time and money, and between doing something creatively rewarding and paying the bills. I also find it hard being at odds time-wise with the majority of the working population, and I’m not good at late nights, but I so miss it when I don’t do any gigs. For now I will just enjoy the feeling that I got from singing last night. It wasn’t a big payer, but as a friend said, it was a gig to feed my soul, and it did.


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